Artfan, published in Vienna between 1991 and 1996, stands out amongst art magazines of its time.
Consisting of long-form interviews accompanied by hand-drawn illustrations, with an overwhelming amount
of detail and a Situationist anti-copyright stance, it resembles a music fanzine, all the more so as it contains
no indication as to the editorship. Only a few of the contributions are signed by name, but the longer is the
list of artists that have a say in it, seemingly unedited. Interviews with Andrea Fraser, Martin Kippenberger,
Marina Abramovic, Jutta Koether, Mark Dion or Donald Judd alternate alongside photo-stories covering
the war in former Yugoslavia, or a feminist critique of bohemian constructions.

The exhibition at Oracle was conceived by Ariane Müller – who published Artfan together with Linda Bilda
- in cooperation with Bärbel Trautwein and Daniel Herleth. It traces the conditions of interconnectedness,
production and communication within the art scene shortly predating, and during the dawn of, the Internet,
largely focusing around Cologne, New York, and Vienna. The exhibition comprises of models, video presentations,
original materials and letters from the time.

A reader containing a selection of interviews and other contributions from Artfan is published on the occasion
of the exhibition.